Mezcal Security Vehicles(MSV) is one of the élite suppliers of armored vehicles. Established in 2012, our work has awarded us the honor of one of the most reliable and trusted manufacturers of armored vehicles. We provide armoring for vehicles from passenger cars/SUVs to military personnel carriers including cash-in-transit. We commit ourselves to deliver the best in class vehicle-armoring for security solutions, according to the needs of our clients. We are proud of the fact that our efforts have been protecting the lives of many, even in the utmost hostile and warlike environments. We provide the armoring solution for selected models of numerous vehicles and we complete the assignment on schedule. Discretion, Quality Control and class leading armor materials are trademarks of MSV. We have been delivering our products globally for past few years and we are looking to expand into new regions. You can have the premier protection from MSV at an affordable price.

MSV's Tygra

MSV's Tygra
MSV's Tygra
Built-in our own vehicle lab, Tygra is one of our proud products. We used Toyota 79 Series chassis for Tygra design. Tygra is suitable for urban and cross-country patrol, border security and personnel movement situations(APC). Military units and their fire support can easily equip Tygra with multi-purpose weapon systems. Remotely controlled weapon module is a great option, typical examples are 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm machine guns. Installation of active and passive protection units on the vehicle is relatively easy. On the other hand, peace support missions can also benefit from the incredible armoring of Tygra, in conflict-zones. One of the great advantages of using MSV's Tygra is, it keeps heavily dressed troops from overheating in high temperatures of deserts by using dual air-conditioners.

Tygra - Interior
Tygra - Interior 
Tygra provides ample room for a driver, commander and up to 6 crew members. And there is enough room for tactical gear too. Tygra comes in various body configurations and provides protection against assault rifles in levels similar to CEN 1063/1522/BR6/FB6, BR7/FB7 and against 2 x DM51 hand grenade's under-the-floor explosions. V-shaped hull can withstand blasts equivalent to 8 kg of TNT anywhere under it. 7.62 x 39 mm armor-piercing rounds can only test Tygra, but never infiltrate it.

High-quality armor steel and glass that can withstand 7.62 x 51 mm M80 Nato Ball ammunitions* and 5.56 x 45 mm SS109 ammunitions**, protect all four sides of the passenger compartments and roof of the vehicle. In addition to the opaque areas, the transparent areas which are coated with multilayered polycarbonate can withstand any of the following weapon's ammunition***

• Calibre 7.62 x 39 mm, FJ/PB/FeC, AK 47 Kalashnikov 
• Calibre 5.56 x 45 mm, FJ/PB/SCP, M16 Colt 
• Calibre 7.62 x 51 mm, FJ/PB/SC, (FN) “FAL” / “LAR” NATO rifle

MSV's Tygra
MSV's Tygra
The floor of the vehicle can prevail against two DM 51(German Norm) detonated simultaneously. The armoring itself is a complete self-supporting structure, crafted to the base vehicle chassis in place of the original bodywork, creating a unitary protection cell for its passengers. The main armour frame extends along secondary armour components such as the doors, windows, roof hatches and gun ports, etc.

A unique armored personnel carrier, that's what we can put into words for Tygra. It provides immense protection against military grade threats. However, Tygra manages to give tremendous comfort for its passengers, unlike any other vehicle in its league. Engineers of Mezcal Security Vehicles produced a magnificent vehicle with the best intentions to provide the finest security solutions convenient to buyers. Check out our Tygra. Following are the key specifications and armored enhancements of the current model of Tygra. Please note that we can add custom modifications to the APC. 


- Base Vehicle:  Toyota Land Cruiser 200-Series, 4WD
- Model year: 2016
- Engine Model: 4.0L Petrol (Diesel option available)
- Output: 96 kW/228 HP@5,200rpm, 37 mKg@3,800rpm
- Cubic Capacity: 4,164 cc
- Transmission: 5-Speed manual
- Seats: 2 + 6
- Color: As per Customer's choice
- Body Type: 3-door Light Armoured Personnel Carrier

B7 Armoring - Tygra
B7 Armoring - Tygra

- Protection Level  CEN 1063 and 1522BR6/FB6/BR7
- Double floor protection for improved blast resistance 
- Heavy-duty hinges for all the opening elements (doors, hatches). 
- Hinges with inbuilt door-stop. 
- Fuel tank(s) protected with steel armour plates. 
- Full engine compartment protection, including bonnet.
- All welded joints are produced using a special welding technique limiting the heat-transfer to the armour steel around the weld and covered with non-heat affected overlaps. 


- 16 inch Steel Wheels
- Front and Rear Heavy-Duty Bumpers
- Tow-bars, jerry-can holder, tool-boxes, shovels, sand ladders, etc
- 6 Lift-hooks
- Remote-controlled roof-mounted search lights and search camera
- Halogen Headlamps
- Rear Door-Mounted Spare Wheel
- Search Lights
- 360 degrees traversing turret
- Dual Air-Conditioner
- Modular seating arrangement with the choice of bench seats, flip-up seats, slung seats and blast-mitigating seats for the crew compartment.
- Buyer choice of communications, surveillance/monitoring, electronic counter-measure equipment available
- Driver/Commander and Crew area can be tailored to specific requirements
- Crew-Compartment Overhead Lighting
- Rear-View Camera Monitor for ease of maneuvering
- TORSEN Limited Slip Central Advanced Height Control System with automatic Lowering of Vehicle
- Crawl Control System
- 4 Wheel Active Height Control (AHC) and Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS)
- Advanced Braking & Stability Control System
- Multi-Terrain ABS, Brake Assist System (BAS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Active Traction Control System
- Pre-crash Safety (P.C.S) System with Milliwave Radar, Ventilated Front and Rear Disc Brakes
- Hill Start Assist Control (HAC)
- Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
- Speed Sensing Variable Gear Ratio (VGRS) Power Steering
- Parking Assist System: Sonar Guided System with Back View Monitor (with Guide Indicators, Blind Corner Monitoring System with Cameras on Front & Right Side)

*U.S. NIJ level III, CEN level FB6/BR6. **CEN level FB5/BR5 and FB6/BR6.
***all at  0° incidence (90° to the surface) and 10m range according to CEN 1063 and CEN 1522.

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